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Alex holding a baby for the first time

IMG_0253 Final

We have been talking a lot about babies around our house lately.   Alex even thinks he has a baby in his belly, along with Bella, our dog.   Mama always says that you have to be careful of the baby in her tummy so we have to be careful of the baby in his tummy, too.   And sometimes, the baby is hungry and wants to eat a lot!

Well, we got to visit Eric and Becky with their new baby boy, Evan, a few weeks ago.  We talked about how there was a baby at “Allie’s” house and how if he was really careful – he might even get to hold him.  We sat him down and put a pillow on his lap (and you can see Eric’s arms helping out) and he did GREAT!  He was so proud.  He remarked how little his fingers were and his little nose. 

All practice for this coming summer!!!


P.S. Sorry folks for the time in between posts.  It’s been very difficult for me in the evenings to even think about doing anything (let alone starting up my computer and all that).  Bare with me – I’m hoping to feel better within about a month or so.