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We visited Sequim and had a lovely lavender time. The lavender was in full bloom and we visited a farm and stocked up on some lavender scented things. We went to Hurricane Ridge and got above the fog. We went for a short hike and smelled some of the forest fires and saw the smoke. Alex wanted to be carried A LOT, he seems to be going in between “big-kid” and “little-kid”. His teeth are still bothering him quite a bit and he is biting on everything, I feel like I have an infant again. He will stick toys in his mouth even though he never did this when teething before.

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Oh – Dad just put a raspberry in the bucket…. I’ll take it out …. and eat it!

We picked blueberries and raspberries at the wonderful Graymarsh farms and came home with close to 10 lbs of berries!

_MG_5719Final _MG_5721Final

Papa T. picking berries, and eating a few too!

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Bama Connie had a guitar that was so tempting to play with, but she found Alex her ukulele that was just the right size. He loved playing it and signing many songs. They sang twinkle twinkle and many other songs.


We also visited the Olympic Game Farm where there are lots of animals, everything from zebras, lions, tigers, bears, oh my! Goats, chickens, bunnies, peacocks, bison, elk, deer, llamas… and on and on. You can feed them (whole wheat only) bread and they come right up to your car. This zebra was really friendly. And since there were lions there – Alex was so cute – he found himself in the rearview mirror and was practicing his ROARing – very loudly. Can’t you just hear it now?

P1010805Final P1010806Final P1010807FinalP1010801Final

I spotted this eagle on the way out of the game farm and decided it was just too cool not to take a picture.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Allison, your photography is really excellent! Impressive! Love the "roar" in the rear view mirror! bama C

Melinda said...

I love Sequim! Back when I lived on Bainbridge it used to be one of my very favorite daytrips. We used to love hiking and relaxing on the sandspit too along with some of the great places you visited. Isn't Hurricane Ridge breathtaking? And Olympic Game Farm is fun. GREAT photos!