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25 random things about Alex

1. hates band-aids more than the boo boo itself

2. drinks a lot of fluids, we go through 2 gallons a week just for him

3. he is fearless

4. he is very social and loves to have friends

5. he is very hug-y and kiss-y

6. when something is wrong, he wants his mommy to kiss his boo boos, and then it feels better

7.  needs to have his back rubbed before he goes to sleep each night, twice, or more

8. has a funny sense of humor, even at age 2.5

9.  loves to be tickled

10. loves big trucks

11.  knows how to open up the refrigerator already

12. is having trouble sleeping again

13. partially due to teeth coming in – 2 year molars

14. partially because we are looking for new preschools

15. partially because of all the changes in our lives (new jobs, etc)

16. partially – who knows why?

17. But, when we do finally bring him to bed with us, he does settle down quickly and falls asleep

18. But, then sleeps in until 7:30 AM!!!

19. he doesn’t like it when Mommy or Daddy do things for him

20. sometimes he still wants Mommy or Daddy to do things for him (like carry him)

21. he wants to be a garbage man when he grows up, either that or a bus driver or a fire truck drivers

22. doesn’t like to wear shoes or socks lately

23. he likes spinning so much that he gets dizzy and falls down

24. his favorite show is sesame street

25. he likes to help his Daddy park the car when he comes home and even puts the it into Park!