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Holy Gravel BATMAN!


That’s what a friend said to me as she saw the piles of gravel at our house! 


We have a TON (well, actually ~30 tons or 60,000 lbs!) of gravel at our house right now and we’re slowly working our way through it.  This is the BIG project that we are trying to get done before the rains hit in the fall. 


Well, one of the big projects at least…. I’ll let you know a few of them… and wait on some others….


Yes – we got two huge dump truck full loads of gravel.  Alex just loved playing on it and has had to have a bath every night because he is so dirty.  This gravel is for the driveway on the side of the garage.  It will be so nice to have a pathway to the back yard, extra space to park a vehicle and a place to put the garbage can and recycling. 



Here’s our next project – wait wait – there is still more….  We are putting in not just one – but two flagstone pathways near our front entrance of our house.  And you’ll see the other pile of gravel – the huge pile just sitting there on the grass.  Yep – we’re crazy!  That pile is partially going to be used in the backyard and we are going to spread out the rest for a nice base thin layer for a lawn renovation.  I got the idea here (Ann Lovejoy article) and have wanted to do it for a couple of years now.  We’ve had a lot of problems with the gravel in the front yard because it is so compact that it would only really grow weeds.   Well, the article says the gravel will provide an area for the grass roots to get some air and hopefully grow better.


See the border bricks?  Well that is going to be a new garden, instead of lawn!  I’m excited to go shopping for some new plants to fill in the space soon!


AND THEN – if that wasn’t enough – we have to get our house painted and therefore we had to do some preparation.  Our front stairs had some dry rot so Lance and his Dad  built us some beautiful new stairs – just waiting to get painted!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I had nooooo idea. But, I am loving it! Especially the flagstone! Gorgeous. Thanks for posting!
'bama C.