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Deception Pass State Park… So COOL!

So COOL, in fact... the perfect way to beat this record setting heat around here.

We are both unemployed right now, it was getting really HOT, we wanted to get away and do something fun, we wanted to go camping... So we booked our site on Monday and left on Tuesday!

It was so nice - we already want to go back!


Alex  helped set up the tent with Daddy, in fact - he LOVED the tent. He thought it was so cool until it was time to go to bed. It's totally different then. We ended up giving in and letting him stay up later than usual because going to bed when it's light outside just sucks.


Here is Alex showing us his muscles! He pulls his arms together and flexes and makes tough sounds.



The beautiful bridge with the swift water underneath!

P1010742Final P1010643Final P1010641Final P1010650Final P1010693Final P1010702Final

Although we beat the heat by getting away to the islands, it was still hot and I decided to take the plunge. Below is a picture of me getting ready to go in the icy cold water. I had gotten up to my knees and dipped my head in the water to prepare myself...


But, really nothing can prepare you for that!


Alex even wanted to dip his head in the water after he saw me do it!



We played in the sand and made sand castles for Alex's little figurines.  He calls them his scuba divers after he saw some scuba divers at the aquarium.


Here is Lance's picture of me playing with Lance's loaner iPhone.  Oh what fun!  His new job is going to be as a program manager for a software company that makes applications for cell phones.  It was pretty easy to learn and really fun!


We didn't forget the big dump truck - always bring that along!

We had some beautiful sunsets!

_MG_5673Final _MG_5663Final

Here we are on our last day there just before heading out of town and back to our house.


Poor little Alex - his 2 year molars are coming in and they are just driving him nuts.  He doesn't cry or anything, just bites on his finger and always has his fingers in his mouth. 


And the final picture ----What we came back to on Thursday!




zoe said...

Oh wow! What great pictures of a beautiful place. So glad you had such a good time. Wouldn't it be nice to be wealthy enough to do this kinda stuff more often :)

Anonymous said...

The kid has enjoyed a lot over their, that I can see in the photos can you tell me some more about the place......


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