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Busy weekend!

We went to the NICU picnic at Evergreen hospital this Saturday. There were kids of all ages there and it was fun to see how much FUN Alex will have when he can jump around in the inflatable toy and play games and get his face painted. (thanks for the photo Kathy!)

We saw many friends - it's amazing how many new friends we've made this year!

We then went to a wedding in Gig Harbor right on the water. Alex was quite the hit of the party with his big smiles! :)

We then went to a PEPS picnic on Sunday evening. It was so nice to meet the Dads of the babies and Moms I've gotten to know over the past 6 months!

All in all we had a nice full weekend. How did we get the laundry, dishes and everything else done? We don't know .... but, we did it all.