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Super hero belts


We went to the Farmer’s Market this weekend to pick up some strawberries for making some jam and eat lunch this past Saturday.  I love this Farmer’s Market – there is so much to see!  There is tons of fresh fruits and veggies, lots of plants/flowers, food items to purchase, but also to eat right there!  Alex had a crepe with strawberries and whipped cream, I had an eggs benedict crepe (yum!) and Lance had tacos.  Sara had a bit of the strawberries and we listened to a bit of the music.   It was really nice out and we were all enjoying it.


There is also some crafty places at this market – not TOO many, but enough to keep it interesting.  Side note…Sometimes I find it so funny when they call it a Farmer’s Market and you go there and 9/10 places are crafty vendors.  And the only other vendors there are flowers vendors.   No food/fruit/veggies to be seen anywhere!  How is that a farmer’s market?  Rant over.


This one has a crafty vendor that does all sorts of sewing.  We’ve bought the superhero capes before, so cool!  Batman (or Batgirl) on one side and Superman (or Supergirl) on the other side.  Velcro closures and reasonably priced (for not making it myself!).  Tutus (as you can see in the pictures), dinosaur tails, funny “aliens”, doll house things, etc. 


Alex has been learning about spending his own money in different ways other than Pokemon cards and he wanted to look at this vendor.  He spotted a belt with all sorts of “things” on it.  A cell phone/holder, flashlight, club, binoculars, etc.  All going through these little loops or velcroed on the belt.  Ingenious!  My kids were loving it and Alex decided to spend his own money on a belt (after I made him ask the vendor how much it was).  We bought Sara one too since she doesn’t get any money yet.  Alex chose Superman and Sara chose Captain America!  


They have seriously been wearing these belts ever since!  They put the “things” in and out, lose them, find them and put them in and out of the loops, turn their working flashlights on and off.  It’s been totally worth it and I love that they want to play this way. 


One thing I’ll have to remember next time is that I’ll have to give the condition that I’ll need to take a nice picture if they want to buy these things.  Moms have needs too, and my need is to get NICE pictures (of kids smiling, etc) with the thing on!  Sara is doing fine, but Alex is starting to be aware of where we are when I want to take a picture (darn it!).  And then, sigh, not wanting to take a picture. 




Farmers Market bought superhero belts (3)-small


Farmers Market bought superhero belts (4)-small


Farmers Market bought superhero belts (5)-small