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Sara’s scar


Sara’s scar is looking really really good!  The plastic surgeon did really good and it’s so flat and, especially with her hair going over it sometimes, almost unnoticeable.  We are putting on sunscreen (many times a day) and the silicon gel (2 times a day for 3 months) which will help the scar totally fade away. 


We have a girl who is very much back to herself, but because she seems like she’s past napping now at 3 years old, won’t nap on weekends at all.  Needless to say, we have a cranky girl at the end of the evening most nights now. 


She talks about the accident every night:  “I scary of my accident where I fall out my 2 story window” (love how it’s “I scary” instead of “I’m scared”)… “Daddy call 911 to get the ambulance people”….”You came and scoop me up and Papa T came and scoop brother up”… “I ride in an ambulance to Evergreen Hospital”…  We always repeat back to her and say how scary it was, but Daddy has fixed the window and we moved her bed away from the window, so it won’t happen again.  But, yes, it very scary for everybody.  We know it’s just a part of the process to talk about it and there is no harm in talking about it over and over.  We all learn something from talking about it. 


Honestly, though, some times I see her scar and still have all the Momma bear stuff rush through me and I feel so sick to my stomach about it all.  Thankfully, she is perfect in every way.   I still can’t believe it happened though.  And then I get all petty and think about that damn scar!  I hope it fades into almost nothing…


Sara's new haircut and scar (11)-small