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We rented this place ( specially selected since it could contain our dogs in a fully fenced yard and had sleeping cabins perfect for two families.  We had a blast!  Although there was not as much snow as we were hoping for, but there was snow and we DID sled (which was our ultimate goal). 


We were celebrating (a bit late) Lance’s 40th birthday and nothing like a sledding adventure to make sure you know you’re not 20 anymore! 


We left on Saturday morning of President’s Day weekend and stopped at the pass since it was snowing and got the kids to stretch their legs, but it was too windy and no good place to really play.  So onward we went!  And about one minute from the pass (on either side) it was raining…. we were worried about the weather.  But, down a bit on the other side – we could see the sun shining and the clouds parting.




leavenworth trip (7)-small


leavenworth trip (11)-small



We arrived at the cabins and they were lovely.  So cozy and cabin-like.  No frills here, but everything we needed including some binoculars!


leavenworth trip (22)-small


Main Lodge

leavenworth trip (26)-small

One of the sleeping cabins (there are two separate sleeping cabins on each side of the Main Lodge)

leavenworth trip (27)-small

Our view from the Main Lodge – We are definitely thinking about coming back for the summertime!  I mean – look at that pool!


There was even a playground!


leavenworth trip (199)-small


And our view of the Enchantments that evening – stunning!


leavenworth trip (43)-small


One of the best (and totally cool!) things was that the deck had warmers, all you had to do is flip the switch!  We sat out on the deck while the kids played and we were fine.  It wasn’t that cold, but the warmers along with our clothes made it just fine.  I want warmers now!


And of course, Sara enjoying her “beer”. 

leavenworth trip (47)-small


Oops!  She’s out!  Daddy giving her a bit more to tide her over. 


leavenworth trip (48)-small



And a happy Daddy and a happy Sara!

leavenworth trip (50)-small

Bottoms up!

leavenworth trip (51)-small



The kids had so much fun with their friends, playing with toys and games, outside.  It was a weekend well spent! 


My kids don’t have any cousins,  Lance is an only and my sister has no kids.  I have so many good memories of spending summer time in Colorado with my cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.  I consider these kids to be my kid’s cousins.   They will grow up together – seeing each other grow up and having fun. 

leavenworth trip (88)-small


I made some fantastic home-made apple cinnamon stone ground oatmeal and Sara loved it!  Which is good, usually she’s a picky morning eater!


leavenworth trip (102)-small



We hit the slopes on Saturday afternoon at our “secret” spot at Enchantment Park in Leavenworth.  It’s a baseball park, but in the winter with the snow – it turns into a perfect sledding spot!  And not many people there – so its not crowded at all – even on a long weekend!

leavenworth trip (111)-small

leavenworth trip (123)-small


leavenworth trip (130)-small


leavenworth trip (134)-small


leavenworth trip (152)-small-2


Alex and Oliver had such a blast!  Alex and Oliver are two boys that totally understand each other!



leavenworth trip (164)-small


There also is a nice playground there – so Sara really enjoyed this too!

leavenworth trip (185)-small


leavenworth trip (188)-small


leavenworth trip (198)-small


leavenworth trip (210)-small


leavenworth trip (204)-small


Alex made a “heart” snowball!leavenworth trip (213)-small


And a hot tub to soak away all the sore muscles after days filled with sledding!


leavenworth trip (222)-small


Sledding more on Monday!  We were hoping to go for a horse drawn sleigh ride like we did last time we were there (link), but it was too icy and too slushy for the horses.  Note to self – go in January next year!  Last time we went – I was 6 months pregnant with Sara and Alex was almost 3.  So, Sara was the same age as Alex when he went.  (oh – and note how my face is totally the same and how my my photo skills have changed over those 3 years!  Cool!)  And I still have a sled-loving boy, who wants to go faster, more, bigger sled hills.  leavenworth trip (250)-small



Oh yeah – I’m there too!  Since I’m the one taking the pics – I have to ask Lance to show that I was actually there!


leavenworth trip (262)-small


leavenworth trip (263)-small


JOLT said...

Looks so fun! We were in Wenatchee over President's day weekend, would have been funny to run into you!