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Happy Birthday Alex

Happy Birthday to my son Alex.  Wow!  6 years old!

You are my boy who loves math, reading, being outside, playing sports and games, playing with friends, Pokemon, and your Mommy, Daddy and sister Sara.  You are always asking me about "this plus this equals what Mommy".  You are already doing addition, subtraction and even a bit of multiplication and division, although you don't really know it by those formal terms yet.  You even ask Sara these questions and you try to teach her the right numbers to say, although it's still a little early for her.  You are now reading us stories at bed time and are doing so good at this.  You are so proud when just recently you read me an entire Dr. Seuss book at bed time.  You have become quite the master of Pokemon cards and have quite a lot in your little book.  You are always looking for the best cards with the most "damage" or ones that are "legendary".  You are a sports guy, having just finished up Basketball, now on to Baseball.  Then swimming in the summer and Soccer in the Fall.  You love the taste of scoring a goal/making a point.  Once you "get" that taste, you're hooked.

We saw this bike a little bit ago at REI and we gave it a test ride, but did not buy it.  It was a little expensive brand new ($259!), but the exciting part was that it had gears and hand brakes.  I remember you seeing the price and saying that it's a lot of money, now that you know how much things cost (for Pokemon cards and such). We found it on Craigslist in great condition and at a great price ($90!!!!) and we snatched it up!

You loved the hand brakes, the gears and the kick stand.  You were a natural.  You said to me after we were finished riding and coming inside because it was getting dark and cold that you imagined it would take you a long time to learn how to do hand brakes and gears, but you learned it in one day!  You were so proud.  I reminded you that we are all still practicing and we will continue to practice.

You went to sleep a happy boy, and on the last night of you being 5 - I gave you the biggest hug and kiss.  Well, multiple kisses, but who's counting.... And with a little tear in my eye, said good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.  I love you!  See you in the morning.  See you when you're 6!

Alex's Birthday Bike (6)-small

Alex's Birthday Bike (76)-small

Alex's Birthday Bike (94)-small

Alex's Birthday Bike (18)-small

Alex's Birthday Bike (61)-small