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Seattle fun day

We went to downtown Seattle last weekend.  We had a ton of fun.  We wanted to try out the new Ferris Wheel by the waterfront and it was such a beautiful day, so we went! 


It was BIG!  We were a little worried that Sara would not want to get on.  But, she did and didn’t think anything of it. 



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We then went into the building right next to the Ferris wheel and rode the carousel.  Now, the kids LOVED this.  This might have been the best part of their day.  And it was only $2.50 per ride per kid.  Cheap!  Especially when compared to the Ferris Wheel and Space Needle…  We could’ve rode this thing 20 times in a row and had happy kiddos (for the same price…).


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And, since we’re both locals – we’ve never taken our kids to the Space Needle. Horrible, no?  Thought about it many many times, but never did it. It was always Summer and too many tourists, etc. But, we finally did that one too!


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The kids loved this “magic” vendor who did all sorts of tricks for them.  Gave them balloon animals and Alex was REALLY loving the magic.  I think he wants to learn more about it and do tricks for everyone.  He really sees the magic and is so impressed by it all. 


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We got up into the Space Needle and that is where the breakdown happened.  Not for the 2 year old that was pushing her nap, no.   The 5 year old.  He’s constantly in an attention or power struggle with one or both of us.  Yes, we were those people up in the Space Needle.  We had a screaming/raging child who were were just trying to get him to calm down.  And he wasn’t having anything even remotely suggesting he was sharing anything with his sibling.  We finally got him calmed down, but didn’t really enjoy this location to it’s fullest. 


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We had lunch and that seemed to help.  Even though we focus very much on keeping our kids tummies full as they definitely tend to break down if hungry or thirsty.  The break and the time sitting down seemed to help everyone and on the way out we spied a zip line.  Well, that was just too much and Alex wanted to do it.  So, they hooked him up and away he went (just like Papa T.).


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Heather M. said...

Just had to pop over from our photography board and comment on your blog and these photos. the one of the needle totally looks like a triangle to me. :) and i love the framing on the one of your boy running away through those tall things (not sure what they are called). looks like a fun day!

Heather M. said...

minus the meltdown part. :(