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Sara and her trike


Sara has this trike thing figured out.  She’s pedaling, going UP hills, and coming down FAST, just like her brother. 



First, she actually pedals uphill – not an easy task for a 2.5 year old.  Sometimes she just stands up and walks it up, too.  The goal?  To get to the mailboxes to then turn around and start the fun.



Sara pedaling (11)-blog

Here’s where the FUN starts.  Slowly, but gaining speed with every inch, she speeds down the hill (dangerously since apparantely I’m just realizing right now she’s not wearing a helmet, bad mama!)


Sara pedaling (12)-blog


And at the bottom of the hill turning into our driveway at her full speed and loving every second of it!  She’s getting to be more and more a daredevil every day!


Sara pedaling (4)-blog