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Sara – our little jaundice pumpkin

Sara - our little jaundice pumpkin-3 Final


Sara has a bit of jaundice as you can see from the orange color of her skin.  And she’s lost more than 10% of her birth weight.   Which makes her very sleepy, which makes her not eat as much, which makes her not clear the jaundice, and so the spiral.  We are monitoring this closely and she will be fine.  We just need to get her to eat more even though she’s so sleepy.   Hopefully within a few days she will be much better.  Her liver will kick in full gear soon and clear out all this jaundice. 


She sure is snuggly when she’s so sleepy, though. 


My milk has come in (which will solve the eating more issue), which should really help, but I’m having to pump after she feeds to be able to give that to her, making it easier (for her sleepy self) for her to take in her ~2 oz per feeding that the doctors and nurses would like her to have.  Right now she’s only taking about 1 oz (it’s all just an educated guess with each breastfeeding by taking her weight before and after feeding)


Ughh – I dislike pumping.  So many parts to clean, so much work.  Breastfeeding is so easy compared to pumping.  But, I can do it for a a few days. And then, hopefully, not until I go back to work. 


Michelle said...

She is beautiful and looks alot like you!