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3 years ago

3 years ago we brought our little Alex home from 17 days in the hospital – April 4th, 2007. 


April 4th, 1998 was our first date anniversary – 12 years ago.  Happy first date anniversary honey!  Wow – who would’ve thought that 12 years later – Lance would be clipping the mother of his 3 year old boy and his pregnant wife’s toenails because she can’t reach them anymore???  Times have changed in those 12 years!


This year we spent it at home enjoying a nice Easter Sunday. 


But, we also spent that day wondering what our little girl will be like: what her name will be (yes – we truly do not have a name picked out yet!), what she will look like, what she will like and not like, how big she will be, what personality she will have, among many other things.  


So, I thought it would be fun to pull some pictures of Alex from April 2007 and see what was happening then.



Lance and Alex – in the hospital but off the breathing apparatus – the day we got to hold him ALL.DAY.LONGIMG_1298

Me and Alex – the day we got to hold him ALL.DAY.LONG, plus it was good picture taking time because he pulled his feeding tube out (again!) and while it was off we took many pictures!IMG_1307

April 4th, 2007 – the day we brought him home

and we walked in the door of our house and Lance asked “what do we do now?”  So funny to think back on that.  IMG_1308a

Where Alex slept that first night (or many nights) – along with Bella.


BIG feet on such a little boy!  How cute are those pinky toes? IMG_1324