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March 2008 "sick boy"

He may have been fighting off a bug or may be getting sick. That may have been the reason for waking up crying last night and wanting to come sleep in Mom and Dad's bed. What ever the reason, once he was there - it was like that was exactly where he needed to be. He hasn't slept in our bed in a long time - I can't even remember the last time.

I carried him into our bedroom with his legs wrapped around my waist while he carried his "dog-dog" lovey with him. I layed him down in between us and he squirmed a bit. It wasn't quite what he wanted and he squirmed a bit more all the while being fairly quiet, not crying. He finally decided that where he wanted to be was on my chest and got himself in just the most comfortable spot, turned his head a few times and passed out.
I was amazed. He hasn't wanted to snuggle like this since the last time he was sick.
His little rosy cheeks so round and warm. His mouth having a dream where he was smiling. His eyes closed and off in dreamland. I am thinking that here is my baby, not so small anymore and although most of the time is too wiggly and and too independant to hug me much anymore, here he is laying on my chest and I'm loving it and soaking up as much as I can. It's so difficult to remember when he was always attached to me and to think of a time when I hadn't held him for hours/days/months. Now he's ~36" tall and hangs down so far when I pick him up and stands so tall against my legs. He's so strong and fearless. A big boy snuggling his Mama. Yet so calm and sweet on my chest. Just where he's meant to be.