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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Last weekend

This last weekend Mommy and I enjoyed some time at the park while Daddy was playing "loud and violent" video games at home and Mommy said we had to get out of the house before it started rubbing off on me and before she went crazy. So, we headed off to the park and had fun times - including on the swing, one of my favorites.

Then we went to the beach in Gig Harbor and threw rocks, sticks and shells into the water. Daddy threw BIG sticks to Rock (a dog, not an actual Rock) (confusing, I know) and he went into the water to get them - crazy dog! Doesn't he know that water is cold? And very salty? Grandma kept calling Rock - Rocko and that seems like a much easier name to say - 2 syllables instead of just one, for a dogs name.

Here I am with some sticks and rocks - getting ready to make the trek down to the water. It was cold and windy and Mommy made me put on a jacket and hat. I put up a fit for a little bit, until I felt that icy cold wind and then didn't complain a bit!

Ahh - another family picture at the beach in the winter. Do these people ever not take pictures or what? Good thing I know what a camera looks like and even know what it means to pose for the camera and smile!

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