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Bounce, help, jump, jump

Wow! What a boy we have! I was looking through these series of photos and realizing how active he is. These photos we all taken with 15-30 minutes - just goes to show you HOW ACTIVE HE IS! His activity level is normal to us (now), but is especially highlighted when someone else experiences Alex's movements. I also heard a fact, that I think is a little underestimated, in Alex's case - - - that a toddler will have on average 3 requests per minute from their parent/s. If you haven't experienced this yet - let me tell you - it takes some getting used to. I felt like I had ADHD for a long while.
Enjoy the crazy photos!

Bouncing on the big ball - by request

Helping Daddy do push-ups

Running and jumping off the stairs

Jumping off the bench onto Daddy's back

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