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We are realizing our dream of sleepless nights not so long ago...

Alex has a well established routine of going to sleep - so much so - that even Grandma Sandy did the routine on Friday night and he didn't even miss us! Here is how it goes:

1). Bath or hot tub, or neither
2). Night diaper and PJs
3). Brush teeth (first Alex brushes, then we help)
4). Turn on noisemaker - Alex does this
5). Climb into bed, get his lovey (Dog-Dog)
6). Drink a sippy of milk while reading books
7). Lights out, hugs and kisses
8). Take milk away and say "night-night" "I love you" "see you in the morning" etc
9). Walk out and close the door (use to be 7:30-8PM now it will be 8-8:30PM)

He doesn't even cry anymore.

We are remembering back to how it used to be with only a few hours of sleep before it was waking all night long every hour or so. I can't believe we did it! But, we are at the promised land! Sleep - glorious - Sleep.

Now - if we could just get him to wake up a little later in the mornings.... instead of 5AM...

The next challenge is putting him to sleep a little later to see if this helps.


Kathy said...

8pm-5am is only 9 hours of sleep, which I believe isn't quite enough. Counterintuitively, he might sleep longer and later if you put him to bed earlier. It's worth a shot!

(And I know it's SOOOOOO much easier said than done! We've been having trouble getting Claire to bed any earlier than 10pm. :-O )