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Making Norwegian hotcakes with Daddy

Lance learned how to make Norwegian hotcakes (kind of like a crepe) from his Grandpa Torgesen so many years ago. And if I have my facts straight, he was 100% Norwegian. It's a mixture of flour, eggs, milk, butter and sugar that is cooked in a frying pan (like a crepe), thin and delicious. The above picture is when Alex was first introduced to making these wonderful breakfast hotcakes, when he was only a couple months old. Below, is a picture from last weekend where Alex helped Daddy make the batter, stir the batter and cook the hotcakes. Lance has modified the recipe a bit, by eliminating/reducing the butter in the batter and eliminating/reducing the sugar in the batter. If Lance had it his way, he would use a spray (like Pam) to cook the hotcakes which is "healthier" than using butter. But, I always request mine to be cooked in butter which has such a richer flavor.
Lance enjoys his hotcakes with a little maple syrup and sugar. His Grandpa would use butter and sugar. I use jam and cottage cheese.

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becky said...

If I didn't know better I would thik that Alex had been cut and pasted into the picture because Lance has not changed his clothes!!! Too funny, he looks exactly the same. Alex on the other hand is quite the little man!!!