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Two 49ers men

Today was "Football Friday" at Lance's work and therefore he could wear a Football jersey instead of his usual shirt and tie. He's a 49ers fan (yes - it's a crime - I agree!) he wore his retro Jerry Rice jersey I got him as a surprise last birthday for the first time!

The new jersey looked slick, I must say.
Then, we thought, Alex should wear his jersey we got as a gift when he was born. So long ago! So, this morning I sent of my two best 49er men in their football outfits. And took a picture to commemorate. I sent Lance the picture this morning and he forwarded it to his friend (a lifelong Seahawks fan), Cole, who wrote me back and said "I just called CPS for child abuse."
Too Funny!
Are they ready for the season or what?
Now I just need to go out and get him a SeaHawks jersey - Right?


becky said...

Maybe you should throw in a Celtics one too!!!! Tee hee;-)