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Former preemies and a big hug!

This last weekend we enjoyed getting together with two families that had gone through similar situations with having preemie babies. Both were much earlier than Alex, I think 29 weeks (~1 lb 14 oz) and 31 weeks (~2 lb 12 oz) compared to Alex at 34 weeks (5 lbs 2 oz), but they are lively personality filled little girls that are growing up so fast! They had fun playing with the dogs and saying "Doggie" many times. Bella was putting up with being petted as much as possible and finally had enough and went upstairs. Rock was in the kennel, but received so much attention through the fencing.

Then, on Sunday we visited Jackson. Alex and I went over to his house while his parents went to a Seahawk game. Jackson and Alex sure had a fun time! Alex will be going over to Jackson's house on Thursdays when I have to go back to work after the toddler group. I'm so excited to start the toddler group. What I'm specifically looking forward to most is the opportunity to meet other Moms in my community and learn about parenting more and hear about different ways to handle different situations. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing! Also, it will be a chance to see Alex playing with other children. Although he does this a lot at daycare, I don't get to observe him and see what he's doing/thinking. It's really a wonderful chance to "re-connect".
When it was time to put Jackson down for a nap - I read him a book, gave him his blanket, and laid him in his crib and said night-night. He was able to put himself to sleep just like that. No crying, nothing. Although I'm sure there was some crying to get to that stage, the end result was FABULOUS! Especially considering that Alex didn't fall asleep last night until 9:45 PM! This will be one thing we're working on after the ear tubes go in next week and hoping to learn from other Moms in the toddler group.
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