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New tricycle and soup

Today my Mama got me a new tricycle and it is so much fun to play with! I push my feet around and make it go. My Mama says that these pedals are used for something, and every once and a while I'll try them out. But, it's much faster to just push my feet! Check out my streamers! I even have a little carrier in the back to put my teddy bear, my turtle and anyother toy I want to carry around. I call this "my bite" which really means my bike. Did you know how hard it is to pronounce "k"s?

Here is me eating soup on Sunday for lunch. I like a lot of soups - but Chicken Noodle is my favorite, so my Mama just squeezed out most of the juices and left me with a whole bunch of soup. I ate the entire can - just myself. My parents say I must be going through ANOTHER growth spurt because of how much I ate in one day. Below, you'll see my suggestions for getting the last little bits of juices out of the bowl. MMMMM!

I am just growing up so fast. Now I say a TON of words. Mama and Daddy can't even count, although everyone asks. I can just talk your hear off! I say these words: apple, peach, banana, cheese, bike, cereal, cracker, soup, turkey, milk, water, eat, bunny, dog, yeah, no, mine, more, Mama, Daddy, Bella, Rock, woof woof, ouch, nose, ear, cheeks, knee, toes, feet, head, hair, chin, bye bye, hello, hi, seat, my, football, ball, and many many more that my Mama can't remember right now.

I understand much more than I can say, too. My Mom and Dad ask me all sorts of questions and they can understand me and I can understand them.

And just recently, if you ask my name - I will say Alex (well... more like "ahh yie") and point to myself. I know my own name!

Also, I put two words together:
More Water (Mo wa-wa)
My Mama/Daddy
More (any food from above)
Bye Bye Mama/Daddy
My seat
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