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Happy Birthday Sara


Oh my goodness – Sara is 4 years old today! 


How did this happen? 


Last night we put a 3 year old to bed and she was so excited to hear it was her last night of being 3.  Today is the first day of a 4 year old.  She is so fun right now, counting, singing songs, loves the movie Frozen SO much, spelling her name, writing her name, writing all our names: Mommy, Daddy, Alex and Torgesen.  And writing her good friend Lauren and Renee’s names too!  She’s a spelling/writing machine right now!  She is one stubborn, tough little cookie too!  She does NOT like me to take pictures of her, unless it’s on her terms.  She is very much an independent “my-way” or the highway girl right now.  She is very focused on being a “big girl” and she can do everything by herself.  Except when she doesn’t, and then she’s a pile on the floor crying. 


And – it’s such a cool date this year – 04/10/14.


Happy Birthday Sara – tonight we celebrate you!


IMG_5826 Final


Sara all wrapped in purple-21 Final


Sara all wrapped in purple-30 Final







orange ruler fun run (23)-small