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Cancun, part 6




We would end every night by going to get gelato.  This place was amazing.  Passion fruit, coconut, I loved the lemon basil.  Sara got the mint chocolate chip every night (because it was green) and Alex would get Vanilla.  These kids!


It was also our favorite (fast) wifi spot. 


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We went to Tulum on this day of our vacation.  This was the only day we rented a car.  They were pretty expensive down there – ~$150/day for a minivan.  I wish we could’ve had one a bit more, but getting where we wanted to go wasn’t too bad.  A very cool spot with ruins right near the beach.  Lots of “touristy” things, like monkeys below. 


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We played in the water at the beach, but it wasn’t a great beach for the kids and there were a TON of people there on Sunday.  Note to self – don’t go to a major tourist attraction on Sunday. Crazy!


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We had been looking for coconut water fresh out of the coconut for a while, and after walking around Tulum and carrying kids, etc, we were hot!  It was the hottest day of the trip on Sunday, and those that didn’t get in the water were really hot.   These cool coconut waters were calling our name.  Alex is also showing off his little devil hand carved skeleton.  He loved that thing (for about 3 hours…). 

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We had a car this day and so we stopped in the town near Tulum for lunch and there was a great sidewalk restaurant that looked good.  The kids enjoyed watermelon juice (which was fantastic!) and we all scarfed down our food like we were starving!  It was only ~2:30pm!!!



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And myself with a lovely mojito!

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