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Swimming lessons



We are glad, but we are sad that lessons are over for us this summer.  It was such a great couple of swimming sessions.  Alex went from barely dog paddling to swimming the entire length of the pool.  His favorite was the back stroke and side stroke (because he didn’t have to put his face in the water), but then they taught him the “pancake” - where you start with the front crawl stroke and flip over to a back float/kick and catch your breath.  When you’re ready to go again, you flip back over.  He got it and loved it.  Swimming the entire length of the pool this way.  Very cool!  Alex had the same teacher as last year, Sarah, and she remembered his enthusiasm.  He also loved getting to dive for toys that sink to the bottom – he is very determined and will get it!


This was Sara’s first year of lessons.  She wanted to get in the pool so bad last year, but wasn’t quite old enough for the kid-only swim lessons and the parent/child lessons were only during the day.  She was off and in the pool and was so brave.  She was working on being comfortable in the water, face in the water, blowing bubbles, getting her ears wet, lay/floating on her back in the water, and plain old having fun (jumping in the pool).  By the end of the 4 weeks – she was doing “bobs” all by herself and showing us how she can count her bobs and do them at the same time.  There are so many things involved with swimming, keeping yourself above water, kicking your legs, using your arms and oh – breathing.  No wonder it’s so challenging.  But, she is working on all of these and having so much fun.  She loved her teacher, Gene.  When Sara was in the water, you couldn’t help but notice she was smiling the ENTIRE time.  She loved it!


When you see a child learning how to swim – they use ALL their muscles.  Every muscle in their body is working towards doing all the necessary things: legs, arms, head in, breathing.  It’s no wonder that they loved every 30 minute class, but would come how wiped out.  And we had some c-l-e-a-n kiddos. 


Can’t wait for next summer!




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