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Lemonade stand



The kids have had their first lemonade stand and it was amazingly wonderful.  Alex and his summer camp thought up the idea about having a lemonade stand at camp for another class.  And he was so excited to tell me all about it.  They made their signs and poured glasses of lemonade to all the friends in the other class.  He was so excited and wanted to bring it home.  We were having a  cleanup at the entry of our

neighborhood this past Sunday, and I told him that it would be the perfect time.  Hot and sweaty workers and fresh cold lemonade.  A perfect mix. 


He already had his sign (“Mom – the “e” is silent – that’s why it’s not there).  All we needed to get was the lemonade.  When I initially asked him how much he was going to charge – he said 10 cents.  Then a little bit later, he said that he just wanted to have fun at it and wasn’t going to charge anything.  Then one of the neighbors drove by while we were setting up and asked what he was charging – he said 25 cents.  Fair, but reasonable.  Love my boy!  He was so happy and loved giving all his neighbor friends lemonade after a lot of work cleaning up the entrance.  We were all thirsty and lemonade hit the spot!


I hope we do a lemonade stand again soon!


Lemonade stand (7)-small


Lemonade stand (8)-small


Lemonade stand (12)-small


Lemonade stand (13)-small


Lemonade stand (16)-small


Lemonade stand (18)-small


Lemonade stand (26)-small


Lemonade stand (28)-small