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Lost voice


Sara said the cutest thing to me the other day, I just had to share. 


I lost my voice from a slight cold (first time that has happened!) and I had basically no voice at all!  Both kids were really interested in this happening and we so curious.  I didn’t even know it had happened until I started talking (saying good morning) that fateful Sunday.  When out came almost no voice at all.  I was so shocked since my throat didn’t even hurt. 


She kept on asking me “you lost your voice Mommy?”.  I would say yes.  Then she would say “I help you find it?”, and I would say “OK, let’s start looking”.  Of course, all in a whisper, since I couldn’t talk. 


Two days later, it finally came back and she noticed it.  “Mommy, you found your voice?”  I said, “Yes”.  “Where was it, Mommy?”  I said “I don’t know where it was lost, but it came back and now it’s all better”.


So cute!




sara in striped hat (2)-small


sara in striped hat (3)-small


sara in striped hat (4)-small


rebecca webb said...

Such a sweet girl! I love her so much!

rebecca webb said...

She is such a sweet girl, Love her!