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Growth Stats


40.1 inches (97%)

34 lbs (79%)



Yep, we knew it already – she’s tall!  There are some 4 and 5 year olds that she’s evenly matched with – let’s just say that!  Our girl is wearing size 5T and is growing up so fast!  She wants to be just like big brother and wanted to wear his mitt for the picture.  She happily posed for the picture and says her usual “cheese”. She’s got little freckles coming out on her nose, I’ll have to try to capture those!  The sun is helping a bit on this one even though we slather her with sunscreen.  She’s got the most beautiful skin though, so creamy and soft.  And then she’ll roar at you like a lion!  Watch out!


bball jamborree (9)-small





48.4 inches (92%)

50.5 lbs (74%)


then I had to show this one that his little sister already posed for a picture like this and that he should too!   But, he wasn’t smiling, so I had to say “smile like you’re going to go to Target and get Pokemon” and this is what I got!  Wonderful!  Also, it’s funny Alex is 92%, but there is at least 5-10 kids in his class that are BIGGER/TALLER than him.  He looks “medium” compared to these others.  It’s so funny.  I think his body is just waiting for another growth spurt!


bball jamborree (34)-small