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Big kid basketball


Alex has really been enjoying basketball – and this is a tough sport to learn.  Dribbling, shooting baskets, passing, guarding/defense…. it’s tough.  But, he’s really got a good idea of the game now.  In his second game last weekend – he shot and made a basket – he was absolutely beaming with happiness.  He dribbles, he passes, he shoots, he guards, he knows what defense is… all a part of the game. 


Who knows where it will lead – but I know one thing – we are having fun and his coaches (Lance is one of them, all Dads of kids on the boys kindergarten YMCA team) all have the same idea – fun and learning.  Not about winning and competition. 


He has always been so athletic that we’ve thrown everything we can at him to 1). get the wiggles out of him and 2). to have fun.  When he gets frustrated that the other team scored a basket or he didn’t make a basket or whatever else comes up, I’ve learned that being consistent with my answer has really helped.  It just takes practice.  Then, when I notice something he’s been practicing a long time and suddenly its way easier than it used to be (scooter, bike, soccer, anything really) – I notice.  I say how much I can see he’s been practicing and how much improvement he has made.  He realizes too in this moment, and gets a little half smile.  It’s good to recognize these achievements, because then he does believe me when I say that it just takes practice. 


Go Cobras!


basketball game - first one (8)-small


basketball game - first one (25)-small


basketball game - first one (30)-small


basketball game - first one (34)-small


basketball game - first one (51)-small