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All bundled up and Basketball


It’s been cold here lately – in the 30’s.  We were outside to shake some of our cabin fever and the kids had to bundle up.  They are not used to this.  It was a fleece coat, with another coat on top, a hat and gloves.  The gloves really helped us all stay outside longer, as well as the whole ensemble.  Trust me – Alex tried to just wear his zipper hoodie – not going to cut it in the 30’s buddy. 


Sara looked so bright and cute – I snapped a picture.  She was loving how each finger matched another finger and all the colors.  We played outside for a long time and worked up quite the appetite.  The gloves really helped her hands stay warmer, otherwise we would’ve had some frozen digits!  She can recognize numbers now and can even count to ~10.  It’s so amazing to me that we show her a picture of a 7 and she says seven.  She even knows that a 6 is a six, but if you turn it upside down it’s a nine! 


Sara all bundled up (1)-small



And Alex has started basketball.  He loves it and wants to dribble like people he sees do it.  They have lowered baskets and he really works hard at making baskets.  He’s so excited when he does.  It will be fun to watch – he’s been practicing for ~ 1 month now and his first game is next Saturday.  I’m nervous/excited/proud/everything for that first game.  He’s wearing size 1 1/2 shoes, that are slightly big right now (Mickey’s shoes!) at 5 3/4 yrs old. 


Oh – and Alex’s new phrase – “Mommy – what’s your New Years solution?”  “Mine is to make money this year, lots of money so I can buy toys”.   He heard about New Years Resolutions from kindergarten and they must have talked about what it meant.  I can tell he really thought about it.  He is working really hard on figuring out money.  He wants to know how Daddy and I get it and how he can get more of it.  Why do we use credit cards and why can’t he have a credit card.  Money these days is almost non-existent for a kid his age.  He has a card that he uses to get lunch at school one day a week – but there is no money exchanged (at least that he sees, we send a check).  We use either credit cards or debit cards almost everywhere, gas, groceries, etc.  It’s been fun, but yet challenging to talk about money since it’s everywhere, but nowhere at the same time.  He turned in some coins to a coinstar machine and was really upset that it didn’t immediately spit out “paper money” on the spot.  Lance had to calm him down and take him over to the registers to get the “paper money”.  He’s getting it more and more though.  He figured out he had enough money for a remote control helicopter and he is about the happiest (and most frustrated) 5 year olds that ever was. 


basketball (6)-small