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DisneyWorld, part II


DisneyWorld, part I found here



I found my other camera’s pictures (my battery died half way through day 2) – and here are other pictures from Animal Kingdom, day 2.  The beloved Dinoland, Dinodig area.  Kids loved it!  Climbing, sliding, all sorts of fun!


DisneyWorldvacation (44)-small


DisneyWorldvacation (50)-small


DisneyWorldvacation (53)-small


They would go down the slide, and run up the ramp to slide down again and repeat, repeat, repeat.  It was the only place that kids were actually allowed to play around that we could find in all of Disney World.



DisneyWorldvacation (55)-small

To some extent, Animal kingdom is like Disney’s version of a zoo.  We even got to see hippos swimming underwater!


DisneyWorldvacation (2)-small


And the beloved ride – Expedition Everest (in the background)!


DisneyWorldvacation (33)-small




Day 3 – Epcot


There’s not much to say about Epcot.  Sara wanted to go on the monorail, but we didn’t.  Lance and Alex went on some rides, but there wasn’t that many.  We walked “around the world”, but this being day 3 of solid parks – I was tired and I think the kids were too.


epcot day (18)-small


I did take Sara on the finding Nemo ride there, which she LOVED!   It was just these little clamshells that moved through some scenery with animation up on the walls, but Sara thought it was fantastic.  Why Disney thinks they need to through something scary into everything is beyond me though.  There was a scary eel at the end, that I just covered her eyes for a little bit (which she totally let me) and then it was done.  Then, it was like a mini-Aquarium Disney style at the end of the ride.  Sara’s favorite part of all of Epcot was right there.  She loved looking at the big tanks with fish.  She’s probably going to have an aquarium someday – I can tell.


epcot day (7)-small



We were only half way around the world for this picture – but, can you tell we were pretty much done? 


epcot day (23)-small

Day 4: Hollywood studios


I couldn’t take it anymore so I told Lance that I would not go the whole day.  We had a Character breakfast scheduled there, so we went in the morning, and came home by lunchtime-ish.  Sara took a nap, then we spent the afternoon by the pool/hot tub.


The fun part before the gates opened was trying on all the silly hats!


hollywood studios day (10)-small


hollywood studios day (11)-small



And then we had the character breakfast with Secret Agent Oso (the panda)

hollywood studios day (16)-small


hollywood studios day (19)-small

Sara was not letting him get any closer – she was not having Oso at all!


hollywood studios day (20)-small

hollywood studios day (21)-small


hollywood studios day (26)-small


And June from Little Einsteins (who Sara thought was Dora the Explorer, but that’s OK – we haven’t really watched the Little Einsteins) so she was even able to come close by and get a picture with her.

hollywood studios day (30)-small


Handy Manny


hollywood studios day (34)-small

And the COOLEST – Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Alex is making his pirate face, or at least in the process of making it. 


hollywood studios day (36)-small



We were proud of Sara for telling us what she likes and what she doesn’t like.   She only liked June/Dora and nobody else.  But, she did look cute with some little Mickey ears from the breakfast table.


hollywood studios day (44)-small


We got fastpasses to the Toy Story ride and thankgoodness – the wait was over 60 minutes.   We didn’t wait at all.  Alex loved the 3-D glasses and I scored the high score for our car. 

hollywood studios day (48)-small

hollywood studios day (54)-small

I don’t really have that many more pictures from the trip to share.  The lighting was atrocious and I guess we were too busy doing things to take many pictures. 


Day 5 I couldn’t go to a park – I just couldn’t.  I was Disney’ed out.  I stayed at the hotel with Sara and we swam in the pool/hot tub, did laundry and took a nice nap.  Lance and Alex went back to the Magic Kingdom and rode splash mountain 3 times in a row, among other things. 


Day 6 – I got my massage!  Yeah!    But, before that – I took Alex and we went to the Animal Kingdome and Lance and Sara went to the magic kingdom.  Alex and I went at our own pace and just played around.  We saw the Lion King show, the bugs life show, got to talk to lots of stations set up to show kids about animals (and Alex got a cool card to collect all the stamps from all the stations – we almost filled it up!).  I remember Lance making the comment (in a huff) that this was a family vacation, so why are we splitting up?  But, to tell you the truth – we needed some time apart.  The kids were fighting all the time when we were together, Lance was running here and there saying he needed to get this fast pass and go on this ride, and well, after 4 something days of that – I just couldn’t/wouldn’t do that anymore.  I loved my days alone with my kids and had a good time.  I also had a good time all together – it was just a different focus and pace. 


Day 7 – I think we went back to Animal Kingdom together as a family (my 3rd time!) and we did everything all again: Expedition Everest, and this time – Finding Nemo play/musical was open (on the weekend) and Sara LOVED it! 


We went to Downtown Disney a couple of nights for dinner, it was really close to our hotel.  It was only 15 minutes by ferry boat (cool!).  We saw Lego store and rode the carousel.  The hotel had a little playground which the kids liked. 


pool and downtown disney (39)-small


pool and downtown disney (53)-small


hotel (3)-small


pool and downtown disney (67)-small


pool and downtown disney (73)-small


Sara wanted to go with brother on the “spinning thing”, thought it was fun until he spun too fast, then not so fun and I had to tell Alex to slow it way down. 


pool and downtown disney (84)-small


pool and downtown disney (89)-small


pool and downtown disney (114)-small


pool and downtown disney (115)-small




All in all a fun vacation – but next year?  Hawaii. 


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