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Disney World vacation



Let’s just get this on the table – so there is no mistaking… I’m not a Disney lover. 



Hello… Is this thing on?




There – I said it. 


But, I gave it the good ol’ college try and spent a 9 day vacation at Disney World in Orlando Florida.  I’m talking a good solid try.  Last year we went to Disneyland for one day and I was trying to say it was just the circumstances or that particular day that just wasn’t working out. 


But, unfortunately it wasn’t.  It’s just that I’m not a Disney type person, I guess.  I’m more of a Hawaii kind of person. 


I mean no bad feelings at all for Lance for planning this trip.  It was a great trip and he planned everything.  I’m just not a Disney person and if they want to go back – great.  I’ll be at the pool or the beach somewhere.  That’s all I’m saying!


It might have also been HOW we did Disney that was not my style – read the story and you be the judge…




Airplane flight #1 – Seattle to Denver.  Nice flight, kids loved it!  Easy.   One hour layover – fantastic!



Disney travel day (35)-small


Disney travel day (37)-small


Fight #2 – Denver to Orlando.  Sara’s nap time.  The plane was hot so we took of Sara’s shirt.  She fell asleep and was just too cute!


Disney travel day (49)-small


Disney travel day (51)-small


Alex loves his drawing right now.  He will look at another picture and deconstruct it and draw it in his journal.  Lots and lots of pictures were drawn on this flight, thank goodness. 


Disney travel day (60)-small

We arrive in Orlando after a whole day of flying, etc.  It’s midnight (Orlando) time when we get to our hotel.  Kids are jumping around and excited. 



Day 1: Magic Kingdom


Off to the Magic Kingdom, after sleeping in of course!  The magic Kingdom was crowded (it was a Sunday).  We stayed all day this first day.  Stayed for parade and fireworks and everything.  Sara could only go on some rides.  Alex and Lance went on splash mountain and so Alex and I went after that (parent swap).  I got soaked!  

magic kingdom day 1 (4)-small

Apparently I didn’t take any photos of Magic Kingdom that day.  Too busy fighting the crowds, carrying the backpack and/or carrying a kid around. 


Sara and I on the Magic Carpet Ride.

magic kingdom day 1 (24)-small

We enjoyed the pool at the hotel and the kids thought it was a blast.  I can see how in the summer the pool is so refreshing.  We were enjoying the nice weather in the 70’s, but let’s just say that we enjoyed the hot tub really well too.

magic kingdom day 1 (11)-small


magic kingdom day 1 (22)-small


Day 2 – Animal Kingdom. 


This was my favorite of all the parks.  I went 3 times! 


Even though we brought a stroller, the kids favorite way of traveling was below.  Sometimes I would do this for them too, but they are heavy little buggers (30-50 lbs)!  I had the backpack most of the time, and sometimes would carry one kid for a short while.  Turns out it doesn’t work so well to have a 2 1/2 year old in the stroller the whole time – doesn’t work that way. 


animal kingdom day 2 (2)-small


animal kingdom day 2 (5)-small


Lance had arranged for a Character Lunch – where you eat a nice meal and the characters walk around and meet the kids and take pictures with them.  I actually liked this – it was expensive though.  The food in other parts of the park is crap – fried, salty, overpriced, nasty crap.  The food at the character meals was buffet style with nice variety and good, healthy options. 


Sara was NOT a fan of the characters (only 2 exceptions).  She was not having any of Donald Duck below at the beginning of our Character Lunch at the Tusker House in Animal World/Africa.  Alex loved it!


animal kingdom day 2 (7)-small


Mickey was there!

animal kingdom day 2 (23)-small

Daisy Duck was there!

animal kingdom day 2 (25)-small


Exception #1 – Sara was intrigued enough by Daisy’s eyelashes that she go a tiny bit close.  But, not too close.

animal kingdom day 2 (28)-small


Goofy was there!  (Sara said Goofy was too scary since he was too tall, ~6.5-7’ tall)

animal kingdom day 2 (31)-small


Sara loved the fishes at the Animal Kingdom.  I loved that there were “attractions” that you could just walk around and look at. 


animal kingdom day 2 (68)-small

One of our favorite things about Animal Kingdom was the Expedition Everest ride.  We did the parent swap again (Sara can’t go on it) and I knew it was a roller coaster, and there were probably parts that were in the dark – but I had NO idea that it goes backwards and in the dark.  I was pretty shocked to say the least.  But, it was a fun ride, especially with Alex since he LOVED it and was so enthusiastic about it.  I would make sure before we went that he would hold my hand, and every time – he did.