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Last weekend – tree house and sunshine!

Alex spent the first time ever away from us at Grandma Sandy’s house.  They have been working on a tree house for all the 6 grandkids and boy did Alex have a blast.  He was a little worried the night before “What if I miss you Mommy?”.  We talked about all the ways to deal with missing Mommy and Daddy, calling on the phone, drawing pictures, snuggling with Grandma.  But, it turns out they were having so much fun it didn’t even cross his mind! 


They played on a bicycle, Alex brought his “hammer” (a mallet), they hit wood (what else do boys do?!?), they had s’mores, they had sleeping bags, they probably went to bed way to late.  But, that’s OK – it’s grandma’s house!  One of the other grandkids, kinda like a cousin, came over too – Logan.  Those two, apparently – had a blast.  Well matched.  Alex came home grimy, but happy (and tired!). 


Grandma called on Friday night and said they were having a blast and definitely wanted to do it again this summer! 


Grandma Sandy's camera-34 blog


Grandma Sandy's camera-23 blog


Grandma Sandy's camera-15 blog


Grandma Sandy's camera-9 blog






Then, the beautiful weather on Saturday – 80’s, sunny – perfect weather.  Sprinklers, pools, all sorts of fun. 


pool-sprinkler time-13 blog


pool-sprinkler time-4 blog


pool-sprinkler time-5 blog


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