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Hello preschool




Today Sara starts preschool. 


We knew this day would come far too soon, but we know that it’s the right time for her and the right time for us.  We will have both kids at the same place, at least for a year.  We love where Alex is at and now both kids will be there!  We look forward to her growing and learning, making friends, playing, all the preschool kinds of things.  We love that Alex will be there for her, he is such a great big brother (on a side note – when Alex and Sara were with Grandma Connie and Grandpa Steve when Lance and I went to the reunion – Connie was putty Sara to sleep.  But, Alex came in and laid down next to her and told Connie that he would do it and it was time for her to leave.  He did it!  And she fell asleep!)… Truly – what a great big brother. 


Here is Sara with Renee, our Nanny’s 2 year old daughter.  I asked Sara to give Renee a hug, one of Sara’s favorite things to do.  Over the last 9 months Sara and Renee have become like sisters.  Sara’s face would light up when Melanie and Renee would show up.  She would do her “happy dance” running back and forth and looking out the window.  They would play at the house, outside or a the park.  They would eat together.  Just two peas in a pod. 


She would call her “Nay-Nay” and, during our week off during 4th of July, would often talk about her.


Nay-nay and Melanie will surely be missed. 



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