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What – me sick?

No Way!


I’ve got my parents wrapped around BOTH of my little pinkies.   See those 2 popsicles in my hands? 


P1020043 Final

Sick boy – taken on Sunday

This last weekend I got sick, and I mean sick.  I had a fever of 100-101 on Friday and got to stay home and watch tv all day!  Then in the evening – my fever rose to 102, then 103, then 104!  And, let me tell you – that slows you down.  I felt sick and told my parents that I was sick and that I had to sleep with them.  Boy!  they said it was a rough night, but I felt so loved and taken care of.  My throat was so sore!  I just wanted to drink milk, juice, eat ice chips or have the wonderful popsicles you see in my hands. 

On Saturday they took me to the doctor and they stuck some q-tips down my throat to test for something called “Strep” and something called “the flu”.  Both came back negative – which means I probably( Most likely) have the dreaded H1N1 or what some people refer to the “the dreaded swine flu”. 

(Apparently the flu test only tests for type A and type B, but not specifically for H1N1)

I continued watching tv all day on Saturday and watched about every cartoon out there; sesame street, sponge bob, fireman sam, tom & jerry, and my new favorite scooby doo. 

My parents are such pushovers that I got to sleep with them AGAIN – two nights in a row!

Then, Sunday – my fever broke and I was feeling better, not 100%, but better enough to be bored and playing around, albeit not at my usual pace.  I still got popsicles all day and watched my fair share of tv and we also decorate the Christmas tree a little bit. 

The parents were tough on Sunday night and said that I wasn’t sick anymore and had to sleep in my own bed.  Well, after some pouting and shouting, I gave in and slept in my own bed.  I really didn’t want to go to preschool on Monday and cried the entire way there.  I told Daddy I was sick and that I wanted to stay home and watch tv.  But, he said we “had to” go since Daddy had to go to work and he said I wasn’t sick anymore.

Now I’ve just got this cough that is lingering, but at least my sore throat is gone.