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Amazing understanding

Each evening when I pick Alex up from preschool (the old awful one) he asks the same question...

"Can we go to the new preschool?" (apparently he liked it!)

And I've been saying that we can go soon - just X more days. We've been counting them down each day and saying

"We only have X more days left and then we'll never go there again. Never. And we'll start going to the new preschool."

He is so amazingly understanding about this. He says "OK". Somehow I feel like he understands that we're in a tough position and we just have to last a few more days. Once he knows that it's not permanent - it seems like he's willing to go for just a few more days.

Then, each morning when we get up - it's the same question.

"Can we go to the new preschool today?"

We explain that we only have X number of days left and then we will never go there again.

"And then we'll go to the new preschool?"

"Yep - we'll go to the new preschool and never go to the old preschool again sweetheart"


Not counting today (Thursday) we have 3 more days left! YEAH!