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Remlinger Farms Birthday Party

This weekend we went to a birthday party and had such a blast! First it was over to Athena's house for cake and ice cream. Alex was very confused because it was Saturday and we were going to "Preschool house" and both Mama and Daddy were there! Not what he is used to! He kept on say - "No, No - go Birthday party - not Preschool house!" We told him that the birthday party was AT preschool house!
We sang Happy Birthday to Athena - who is now 4 years old! We had cake and ice cream and all the kids loved playing with the balloons.

Then it was off to Remlinger Farms - a big farm in Carnation that has too many things to do in one day - especially for a little 2 year old who still needs his nap! Alex rode on a tractor, got to ride a real steam powered choo-choo train that whistles and goes through a tunnel, ride a canoe, AND ride a PONY!
We had such a good time! We pushed Alex beyond his usual nap time and then he crashed. He slept from 3-5PM and then went to sleep at 8PM. Sunday he took a 3 hour nap, just to make up for some lost time.

L to R: Brandon, Alex, Isaac, Athena

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