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Random funny things

We've had some random 2 year old funny things happen lately and I thought it would be fun to post a few and get a laugh out of you (maybe!).

In the evenings, when we need to change a "poo-poo diaper", but we don't want to waste a diaper because it's almost bedtime - we've been risking it and letting Alex go "Commando" and he thinks it's so funny! He walks around with his legs spread apart (with his pants back on) and says "No diaper - So Silly".

Speak of the "poo-poo diaper" - Alex is getting really aware of his functions. So, the other day it looked like he was going (or I smelled something - I can't quite remember) and I asked him if he had a poo-poo diaper. "Alex do you have a poo-poo diaper?" He looked at me and said "No, Mama. Just pee". It was hilarious!

Alex is really enjoying hiding and goes hiding by just covering his eyes or actually hiding behind something and then instead of saying Peek-a-boo - - - he says Peek-Pa-Boo.

Alex has had a string of leaking diapers lately and one night not too long ago there was a 2 AM wake up call where he was crying and we went in to see what was the matter. I realized he was all wet and would need a complete change and would have to sleep with us. Alex said to me - "Pee-Wet-Cold" and was it was so descriptive. His brain is as sharp as a tack!

When Alex drinks milk or water and gets finished drinking he makes an "ahhhh" sound at the end. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - it's the very satisfied sound after drinking a cold drink on a hot day kind of sound. He does it all the time and has learned it's pretty funny. So, one day after he did it - I did the same sound. Drink drink drink - Ahhhh! says Alex.... Ahhhh says Mama. He looks at me and says "No, Alex Ahhhh!". I said "No, Mama Ahhhh!" and we laughed and giggled. We still do it to this day and it's so much fun!

My fearless boy - who would jump of benches, stairs, who would do all sorts of crazy things without even taking 0.1 seconds to think about it is suddenly scared of a few things. We have a Buddha face in our house and Alex used to love looking at it's face and pointing out all the features, nose, ears, etc. But, lately he's been quite scared of it and says it's "too scary" and that he is "too scared". He would be waking up in the middle of the night saying "Buddha get you, scared" and screaming. We tried to show him that Buddha was just a picture and that it wasn't that scary, but finally we had to take him down. Now when ever Alex wants to go in the room where Buddha was - we have to say that Daddy took him away and there is a picture there now. There have been other instances where he would normally do something or go somewhere and now he says he's too scared.