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Two first teeth



Alex lost his two first teeth and was SO happy about this.  You can see in the pictures below how excited he is.


It was new, and it was very exciting! 


And it means you’re a big kid in kindergarten and first grade – big time!  He was so sad last year when he didn’t loose any teeth saying that “everyone” else had lost teeth.  He would even have me feel his teeth saying “see Mom – it feels loose, right?”  I would nod my head and say it felt a little tiny bit loose. 


It would come out when it was ready, and since there was so much change going from preschool to kindergarten, that maybe they were just waiting to settle down into first grade a bit before they came out.  I even joked that Mama had had enough change with him starting kindergarten and that I wasn’t ready yet  -  wasn’t ready for him to have too much happening!  At the end of kindergarten, he asked me (break my heart!) if I would be ready for him to lose his teeth.  I said yes, of course! 


And right on queue, September of first grade rolls around and he has a slightly loose tooth.  We go see the dentist and she makes a prediction that the two bottom teeth will be out before Halloween, and what do you know?  They are out before Halloween!  The first one about 3 weeks before and the second one just days before Halloween. 


I love him growing up so much – but at the same time I want to just freeze him and keep him this way forever.  I just love this age!


For the record, he lost his first one at home (thank goodness!) with Daddy taking a paper towel and gently pulling it out (quickly).  The second one came out at school and the dentist gave him this tooth necklace to put his tooth in if he lost it at school.  Perfect!


Those new big kid teeth are coming in fast now!  I’ve heard once they start to loose teeth – they come out all in rapid succession – and it’s very true!



Alex and first tooth lost (2)-small




Alex and first tooth lost (3)-small


Alex and first tooth lost (10)-small


Alex and first tooth lost (11)-small


Alex lost both bottom teeth (1)-small


Alex lost both bottom teeth (3)-small


Alex lost both bottom teeth (7)-small