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Happy 3rd Birthday Sara!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter Sara. Wow! 3 years old!  You are such a big girl lately!

You are my girl who loves egg hunts (and will even hide and find the eggs you’re so excited about it), bubbles, being outside, “fishing” in the ditch, being silly, Tinkerbell, and your Mommy, Daddy and especially your brother Alex.  You call him b-b-b-brudder all the time, when your b’s a motorboat sound before you finish the rest of his “name”.   He’s gotten over you calling him Alex (he reminds us that this is is REAL name) – and he’s fine with you calling him Brudder again. 


You got a new bike for your birthday and you had such a wonderful face when you first saw it – it was GREEN and it was your new bike!  Your favorite color!  You want it to be as easy as a tricycle is, but you’re not quite there yet.  We’re working on it though!  For some reason though, you’re not as keen at putting on your helmet each time we ride, so we’re going to have to work on that too.  It might have something to do with your level of stunts (or lack thereof) when on said bikes (like your brudder).  Meaning we don’t think your going to go so fast that you crash into a ditch/car/what-have-you, or are going so fast you can’t stop so you fall to stop yourself.  You are not that kind of person. 


You have many favorite games right now, but some of the best are hide and seek with Alex.  You two are really starting to get along (a bit at least) when playing together.  You always find Alex where he’s hiding (partly since he likes to hide in the same spots again and again!).  You also REALLY like dominos and finding the doubles with Grandma Sandy.  You really like your wine & beer too.  Every time you see us drink it – you bring over your clink and ask for some.  You love iPad/phone – but we are weaning you off of these devices.  You love dancing and ask me many times to go to zumba with me.  Sometimes we have our own zumba dance party right here at home.  You ask me  “can you turn on the zumba music so we can shake our booty's?” 


We’ve been taking you to Alex’s activities since you arrived, and you’ve never complained.  Well, this year my dear – we are excited to start some activities for you!  Alex and all of us will be cheering on the sidelines for you!  Go Sista Go!  Go Sista Go!  It’s what I imagine it will be like!  We already do Wiggle worms – but this Summer we’ll start REAL swimming lessons followed by Soccer in the Fall.  We are just so excited since you seem excited about this.  Plus, we just think you will be so cute in your shin guards and soccer shorts! 


It’s been challenging getting photos of you sometimes – I’ve had to resort to bribing (see picture with me and Sara and her new bike) or you don’t want your picture taken and cry or always have your head down, or I see the back of your head.  I’m hoping we can arrange to smoothly get over this awkward time and head straight to a 3 year old who loves getting her picture taken.  This would make a happy Mama.   Please?  Pretty Please?


You went to sleep a happy girl, and on the last night of you being 2 – Daddy got the chance to put you to night-night.  He told me how you both talked about how today you were two years old, but tomorrow you’d be three!  Well, actually you’ve been considering yourself 3 years old ever since your Birthday party a week and a half ago – but who’s counting?

Easter (24)-small


Easter (25)-small




Easter (45)-small


Easter (50)-small


Sara fishing in the ditch (8)-small




Bday party  (13)-small


Bday party  (20)-small

Bday party  (21)-small


Bday party  (27)-small


Bday party  (30)-small


Bday party  (45)-small


Bday party  (54)-small


Bday party  (55)-small

Sara on bike (8)-small


Sara on bike (10)-small


Her new bike has a bell that she LOVES!

Sara on bike (13)-small


Sara on bike (14)-small



Bribing picture below – see!  I want a picture of me and you just like the one above with you and Daddy!  Hopefully you’ll let me (and Daddy can take the picture like that – hint hint – OK.  Not a hint.  Lance – I want a picture like that if it takes 1000 pictures to get just one good one.  I need it.  Love, your wife and Mama to your kids.  The picture below is just not going to cut it for me.) soon!


Sara on bike (21)-small