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We have been in the mood to paint lately.  The kids ask almost every night  -  can we paint tonight? Not every night, but I have been trying to say yes more often.  So…


Yes, when the kids want to jump on the cushions. 

Yes, when they want to paint. 

Yes, when they want to play games. 

Yes, when they want to read books.

Yes, when they want to play Legos.

Yes, when they want to draw pictures.



The kids think that painting is the sun, moon and the stars.   


Sara asks for specific colors and she is very adamant at times, when you only give her a few choices!  She loves saying the colors and changing from one color to the other.  She knows all the colors now.  She’s so proud! 


Alex loves painting for the picture – he has a specific picture in his mind that he is painting, and just needs the feeling of painting and the colors to bring his creation to life.  When I asked Alex what his painting was about – he told me it was a picture of rocks, very colorful rocks. 


painting-2 blog


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Then, the shirts came off!


A little too much paint on the shirt (and found out it wasn’t coming out!), lead to painting without a shirt for Sara.  She didn’t care at all – just kept on painting away. 



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painting-15 blog


And then, their favorite, it seems all the time right now – getting up on the counter.  It’s the best seat in the place!  We eat breakfast at the counter and one of them always ends up ON the counter – I don’t know what it is about it! 


With “Brudder” tickles – of course!


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