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San Diego Sunshine



We enjoyed 9 days of sun-filled San Diego sunshine, and just for good measure – the last day of pure So-Cal rain (just to get us used to coming back to Seattle). 




I still have yet to get ALL the photos onto my computer (coming soon!), so I’ll just post a taste from my iPhone.  In reverse order of occurrence….



When you have so many bags to carry through the airport and you just want to get home, you have to ask your preschooler to be a big kid and push your toddler in the stroller.  It wasn’t easy, since he can’t really see over the top, but he did it!  We are so thankful and proud of him.  Literally, we had too many bags to carry and were too determined to get one of those carts. 




Sara wanted to sit on Alex’s lap during take off and look outside, they were so cute!






The airport was much more fun with stickers….. ummmm….. everywhere….




We enjoyed walking on the Oceanside pier and did the long walk many times.  I bought this stroller from a friend of a friend, and so thankful we did!  It was great!   Sara loved riding in it and it was very easy to get around.  It also had a cool preschooler standing ledge on the back where Alex loved to ride when he got “tired”. 


This is how Sara loved to lounge around…



Alex found a new love this trip, Angry birds the iPad game.  Oh my gosh!  He loves getting stars and opening levels.  Who knew he would be addicted?  How do you wean a 4 1/2 year old off of Angry Birds… we’re about to find out!


Sara and Alex loved sitting at the counter at the condo.  They ate breakfast, lunch and dinner there. 



Alex went to the Animal park with Dad and Grandpa – our cute little gorilla! 




Sara loved the beach.  We would ask her if she wanted to go to the beach and she would shake her head yes, and say “beach”.  She loved having her toes in the sand and she ate a fair bit of it too! 



This was Sara’s favorite ride at Disneyland…



All Alex wanted to do at Disneyland was see Mickey Mouse – and that we did! 



Legoland was fun and very nice.  Not crowded at all like Disneyland, but there was a lot less things for Sara to do there.  The height restrictions were pretty tight and they were checking….


Alex had a blast at Legoland and he could go on most everything.  Here – we were going on an airplane ride.  There were almost no lines at all on anything… it was great!




Again – walking on the pier was a really fun activity.  We saw many pelicans and surfers.  This was Alex’s favorite ride!IMG_1420


And, last but not least – the view from Grandma and Grandpa’s condo!  Right on the beach.



A bonus pic – a sunset