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Puff doggie dog





No, we don’t have a new rapper in the house




But, we do have a doggie that had a allergic reaction to a vaccine…


Bella and Rock went to the vet on Saturday for their regular check up and both got rabies vaccines.  Standard stuff.  She’s had it before.


We came home, played outside, all the normal things.


I was putting Sara down for a nap and Bella just looked funny, it took me a few seconds to see what was different – her muzzle.


Puff doggie dog-2 blog


So puffy and swollen, obviously different than normal. 


We called the vet and they said to bring her back in, gave her some antihistamines and steroids and said to watch her.


If it continued, she could have had difficulty breathing.


Luckily, the puffiness went down pretty quickly.


But, I have a feeling “puff doggie dog” nickname is here to stay for a while.