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I wanna be a football player

IMG_0377 FinalIMG_0382 Final We were out shopping at my favorite consignment store and came across a Seahawks football jersey that has “Alexander” on the back (a former Seahawk player).  I’ve been wanting to get one for quite a while and the stars were aligned that day.  Lance wasn’t trilled, since the Seahawks aren’t “his team”.   But, he put up with the purchase. 

Well, we got home and asked Alex if he wanted to wear it and he did!  And he hasn’t taken it off since!  Except for this Monday morning when Daddy decided that Saturday and Sunday were enough and he had to change his clothes for preschool.  Well – that didn’t turn out well.  So, Alex will be happy that Tuesday morning he will have no struggles from his Daddy about what to wear.  Lance learned that that is not a battle he wants to fight.  Who cares if he wears it to preschool every day this week?  I certainly don’t care and Alex will want to wear it, I’m sure.  Especially after sleeping in it, too!

Not long after I snapped these photos – Alex remembered that football players have helmets.  So, we got his bike helmet and he wore it all night and on Monday morning before preschool.  It was only after some fancy talking that we got it off him in the morning without incident (Don’t you want to play with it tonight when you get home from preschool?  Yeah, well we need to take it off now so that it will be home and ready to play tonight.  OK?  OK)


P.S.  He had to sleep with his helmet on Monday night, too, but we did make him take it off.  Man, have we created a football nut or what?