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beach house vacation

We have returned from our week long vacation and I have uploaded the pictures, but I'm just getting around to starting this post.

We had a splendid time on the Oregon Coast this past week. We drove 6 hours south with a few stops on the way: playland at McDonalds and at a friend's house in Portland area. Overall, Alex was pretty good considering it was 6 hours being strapped into a car seat. We did bribe him at the end of the trip, the last 30 minutes, with chocolate. He loves chocolate!

Alex and Daddy posting at the Aquarium

We went to the aquarium and had a very nice time. Alex learned to give two thumbs up!

I found this big Tonka truck at an antique store and Alex absolutely loves it!

Grandma, Alex and Lance running on the beach

Alex just after a bath all wrapped up in a towel

Alex found a small cave on the beach

For the first time - my fearless little boy has started to get scared of a few things. He saw a starfish and was "too scared" to touch it one day.

Grandpa got Alex just about the perfect birthday gift - some duplo legos!

Grandma Sandy made some yummy salsa and guess who had chips and salsa one night for dinner???

Although Alex was too scared to touch the starfish one day - by the next day he was ready to touch it and hold it for the picture!

Even two starfish!

Holding a kelp "rope" with Daddy

Looking at Hawaii pictures with Grandma Connie

Reading a book with Grandpa Steve (Bapa Tebe)

Looking at the sealions with Daddy

It actually was nice a few days - but overall it was windy and wet. But, on this day the sun was out and Alex wore his cute sunglasses to the beach.

Although we were sad to send Rock to the "dog party" (aka dog kennel) - overall we were glad that we did. Especially considering the weather. We would've had to take him out to the beach 2-3x per day no matter the weather, whereas Bella is perfectly content sitting on laps and lounging around.

Of course, the day we left was BEAUTIFUL! Here is the sunrise that morning - yes - I was up that early! And thank goodness we went on vacation a week BEFORE I got laid off, instead of after.


becky said...

I LOVE the star fish pictures! And of course the sun was shining the day you left, happened to us in Forks last week too, rain the whole time than bam, sun the day we left!!!

Anonymous said...

thank goodness you updated!we were getting loney for pics and kept checking the website! Ha!
C & S