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Happy 8th Birthday Alex

Happy 8th Birthday Alex!

I asked you if I could take some pictures of you on your last day of being 7 – and to my surprise – you said yes! 

So, here we were on your last day of being 7 (yesterday) to take some pictures of my handsome boy, in his favorite superman shirt in our front yard after work/school.  You even came up with the pose where you hold up 8 fingers all by yourself and lie on the ground.  Your dirty knees were from playing at recess and they make this picture my favorite.  I love how you love to play (all the time!) and dirty boy knees are my favorite.  You asked me if I thought 8 would be as fun as year 7 was – and my only answer was that it was going to be even more fun!  We recounted how 7 was really fun (hard to think it can be beat), but 6 was also really fun, but 5 was really fun… and so on. 

When you were born 8 years ago – you were a little preemie boy at 5 lbs 2 oz due to my pre-eclampsia.  Your lungs weren't developed yet and you needed help breathing.  Then you developed jaundice (hence the “sunglasses”) and had to learn/have enough energy to eat enough.  But, you were quite the Spunky boy.  Even today – that nickname has stuck.   You are still the same feisty boy on the day you were born.  We don’t have that problem of getting you to eat enough – quite the opposite.  Nowadays – you are hungry (literally) every 20 minutes.  Even after a big dinner. 

I can’t wait to share your 8th year along side you.  It’s going to be so much fun!  I love you with all my heart!