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After coming back from vacation, and taking ~587 photos, well – I’m totally overwhelmed.  Work is very busy, Spring has sprung and there is lots to do around here, I have two energetic kiddos who like to play and don’t want to sleep and I’ve gotten back to my usual routine of working out.  It will take me a while to catch up.  So, I thought I would just post a few photos of a few things here and there, just to get back in the groove.  Grease the wheels if you will.  I feel very rusty….



Alex celebrated his birthday with having 6 five year olds over to our house.  Not a complete disaster since there were no broken bones, nobody got blood, nobody jumped off the shed roof, although they did climb it!  Let’s just say the night ended with me admitting to Lance that I was wrong, we should’ve gone to the bouncy house.  Lance also had to admit that a piñata for a 5 year old birthday party (OK, our kid’s 5th birthday party) wasn’t winning the genius award either.  Alex had fun having all his friends from school over and had the biggest smile ever when everyone sung him happy birthday and he got to blow out the candle.  We celebrated his actual birthday (on a Monday) at home, quietly, while still recovering from the events that previous Friday night. 


alex 5th birthday at home-8 blog


Alex's 5th Birthday party-12 blog


We celebrated Sara’s 2nd Birthday at home, nice and quiet like.  She knew what was happening because of Alex’s birthday just 3 weeks earlier and knew what to do with the candles and the presents.  She loved the cupcakes and just about devoured it!  Next year we can go to a bouncy house or other activity for her, but this year we are relishing the quiet home birthday party.  She got some lovely “real” plates, cups and saucers for a tea set and absolutely adores them.  She makes us tea on a regular basis now. 




Sara's 2nd Birthday-15 blog


She is also LOVING bubbles right now.  Every night when we come home and it’s nice outside, after dinner (and sometimes before), we do bubbles outside.  She has her own bubble blower stick thingies, and for a while would put it right up to her mouth to blow.  And it didn’t work, except to get bubbles all over her mouth.  But, now she has figured it out and can create bubbles to her sheer delight. 



Sara bubbles-9 blog


Mowing season has begun and Sara is saying “me first” when the mower comes out and just loves riding with Daddy.  The grass and gardens are looking fabulous, partly because all the work we’ve done over the last few years, partly because Lance maintains nice grounds, and partly because of genius idea #2 – hiring a landscape crew to weed our gardens.  (by the way, genius idea #1 is hiring housecleaning on a regular basis.  These two genius ideas have literally saved my sanity). 


Sunshine!-7 blog


It’s also T-ball season.  We’re in full swing and are enjoying practices and some games when it’s not raining out.  Actually, the weather has been great and we’ve enjoyed some really nice weekend days lately. 



T-ball game-55 blog

Sara loves the games two with all the things to look at and the artificial turf to feel.



T-ball game-74 blog


Lance hasn’t been building enough lately, so he decided to build a tree fort for the kids.  Although it will not actually be connected to a tree, it will be up in the trees, so that counts in his book.  The bottom floor is going to be storage for the “kids crap” as he calls it, including the jeep, bikes, trikes, toys, stomp rockets, T-ball stuff, basketball hoop, skateboards, scooters, etc. (all “crap” he has bought mind you).  The top floor will be the fort with an indoor portion and a deck with a ladder, and if he can find it – a fireman’s pole and a slide. 


IMG_3844 blog



Sara has just about the cutest hair today – just had to share.  I’m finally getting used to doing her hair and she’s finally letting me.  It’s getting pretty long and it sure is nice to keep off her face!  So pretty!

IMG_3859 blog