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Cabin progress





The roof is on!  And just in time - we might say! 


Lance is sore from head to toe, top to bottom.  He worked so hard this weekend, stretching and nailing, cutting, and bending this way and that way, up and down the ladder – but the roof is done and protecting our little cabin from the rain.  Lance’s Dad and Uncle Joe helped us this weekend. 


We even slept in it – all of us – on Saturday night.  Even Steve, Lance’s Dad, stayed with us. 


Never mind that it doesn’t technically have a door yet.  It wasn’t a problem since it was so muggy and warm that evening. 


We even had our first inaugural fire in our new fire pit (built by Alex and yours truly). 


The light from the fire came in the front window and I was imagining what it would be like when it was finished, as I laid down with the kids to get them to sleep.  Lance and his Dad and Mom were out by the fire still.  We would put the kids to bed up in the loft and Lance and I would sit out by the fire on warm summer evenings after a full day of playing at the beach, in this little cabin that Lance build with his hands. 


It’s starting to feel very real (very real to the pocket book, I’ve been told, too).  I can “see” the finished product, and feel how it will feel.  And it feels good.


We truly had a great weekend, but when we woke up on Monday morning – the question everyone had on their mind was – Can today be Sunday again?


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Anonymous said...

Really love the pictures, and the great memories you are creating. The kids look adorable...and the one of Steve is so....well, Steve! He loved helping and having Alex pal around with him all weekend. Great times! Bama C