Torgesen Family Times

{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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The details of Sara



Sara smiling-8 blog

She absolutely LOVES carrying around her markers.  She carries them everywhere she goes.  She chews on them, bangs them together, makes music beats and they just fit in her hands. 



Sara smiling-7 blog


Ahhhh – Sara curls!  She just has the most sweet smelling freshly washed curls anywhere!  And the most lovely shade of strawberry blonde.


Sara smiling-5 blog

The way she says “Ohhhh!” when she discovers something new.  Or is so excited about something that she is looking at.  We just love it. 


Sara smiling-3 blog


Now that she’s more and more mobile, she even has a few bumps and bruises.  She crashed into the coffee table with one and fell down (probably the one stair in the lower floor) for the eyebrow one.   See below her lip and above her eyebrow.  Boo boos!  And of course the totally cute chompers. 


J, T, L and O said...

So cute! It was so nice to see both Sara and you in person last weekend. Thanks for making the trip!