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A look back to 2010

Each year I try to look back, what I liked, what I didn’t, what I want to do in the future, what I don’t want to do.  It helps me shoot for a target, otherwise I feel as if I would just go one with my life and not have much direction.  I would probably have a mighty fine life, but this is just who I am.  Goals/resolutions – what ever you want to call it – it’s what we’ve been doing for the past couple of years as a family.  I would probably not get the things accomplished that I want to and really enjoy and be aware of this joy if it weren’t for this goal setting.  Looking back is the first step of this process.  It helps us set the entire mood for the year.  When we are making decisions, we come back to the goals and resolutions we made at the first of the year to remember what is most important to us. 


I will post a series of questions and then answer them in the next post.  It’s fun – you play along too!


For 2010:

1). What was the best thing that happened to you?

2). What was the most challenging thing that happened to you?

3). What was an unexpected joy?

4). What was an unexpected obstacle?

5). Pick three words to describe your 2010

6). Pick three words your spouse would use to describe you

7). Pick three words you would use to describe your spouse

8). What was your biggest personal change?

9). What was your most enjoyable part of your work (at home and at work)?

10). What was your most challenging part of your work (at home and at work)?

11). What was your biggest time waster?

12). What was the best way you spent your time?

13). What was the biggest thing you learned this past year?

14). What phrase or statement best describes 2010 for you?


I can’t wait to hear some of your answers!  I’ll give you two hints about where most of my answers are coming from…


Sara in the buff-1 final


Alex popsicle-3 final